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FREE PDF FILES - Multiple products are now offered in a PDF format that you can download or receive via e-mail. For a listing of all of them, select the category PDFs. Or for a specific product, look for Download the PDF or E-mail Me the PDF buttons on the detail page. No matter where you live around the world, this makes for easy delivery without the expense and complications of traditional postal service. (PDFs that are 5 megabytes or larger can only be downloaded. Smaller PDFs can be either downloaded or e-mailed.)

PRINTABLE RESOURCE CATALOG - This is similar to LHM's published Resource Guide from years past. Select any category, topic or alphabetical product listing, then click Printable View in the upper right-hand corner (of the new page). This will generate an up-to-date, printable version of the listing, along with a mail-in order form on the last page. Select Print from the File menu to print it on your local printer.

ZOOM-IN IMAGES OF PRODUCTS - In addition to the basic image of each product, some now include a zoom-in image for better viewing of product features, like the embroidery or logo on apparel. Just look for Zoom In For Details on the product page.

DISPLAY OF ITEMS BY "STYLE" - Some related products are now grouped by "style" for easier selection. Rather than seeing an image for each product in a group, you will select one common image and then indicate the specific products of interest when the detail page displays. For instance, you may choose the image for an apparel style and then select the sizes of interest on the product page. Or choose a Bible Study series and select the lessons of interest on the product page.

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