Your Gifts at Work

Christian faith in action through holistic ministry


Vanessa, a teenage girl with a young baby, arrived at the Lutheran Hour Ministries ministry center in Cameroon. She and her child were both in poor health—the baby appeared to be severely malnourished. “The father of my baby deserted us months ago and we were evicted because I couldn’t afford to pay our rent,” Vanessa told LHM’s Zacharie Mounkine.

While she was begging in downtown Yaoundé, Cameroon’s capital, Vanessa met a member of the LHM staff, who encouraged her to visit the ministry center. At the center, staff members counseled Vanessa, comforting her and praying with her. The staff also provided Vanessa with bed linens, helped her obtain medical treatment and assisted her in reuniting with her parents in her home city of Bamenda, some 370 kilometers away.

“By offering Vanessa some temporary assistance and by spiritually counseling her to place her trust with the Lord, it is our intention to help restore stability in her life,” says LHM—Cameroon Director Rev. Samuel Frouisou. “Vanessa is very grateful; she plans to return to Yaoundé and enroll in our young women’s ministry…Reaching out to people with the Word of God through relief efforts is just one of the many ways to plant the seeds of Gospel knowledge,” says Frouisou.

Lutheran Hour Ministries conducts holistic programs to provide food, water, clothing and shelter; health care; education and training; or economic assistance to mitigate poverty or the impact of a disaster. These programs alleviate people’s suffering and also demonstrate the Christian faith in action—which helps open hearts and minds to the Gospel.

Thanks, as always, for your prayers and support.