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Ministry in Lebanon

Ministry in Lebanon

The violence and unrest that has become almost commonplace in the Middle East has led to a major humanitarian refugee crisis. Lebanon, where Lutheran Hour Ministries has a ministry center located, has received an influx of more than 1.3 million refugees from Syria and other countries.

These refugees are placed in camps where they are isolated and required to live in conditions that many around the world would deem impossible. It is hard to imagine raising your children day after day while living in a small dwelling with a tarp for a roof in a camp with unreliable power, sewage and supplies. As you would expect, sickness and disease run rampant in these communities.

In the midst of this turmoil, Lutheran Hour Ministries is working to bring hope to these refugees by reaching out with food, medicine and hygiene supplies. Lutheran Hour Ministries intentionally works with smaller camps where there supplies will not be quickly exhausted and it is possible to build long-term relationship with the population. By offering this relief for refugees' most pressing needs, LHM's staff is creating opportunities to show the real and relevant love of Christ.

Through partnerships with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the support of Lutheran Hour Ministries donors, Lutheran Hour Ministries is sustaining and expanding this holistic ministry program. This ministry is doing what Jesus commends in Matthew 25 when He says 'I was hungry and you gave Me food, I was thirsty and you gave Me drink.'

God is using the support of donors like you to bring help, healing and hope. Thank You