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Ministry in Indonesia

Sharing the Gospel in different regions requires strategies designed for the people of that culture. In some parts of the world, such as the United States, puppet ministry is a diminishing form of outreach. However, in other areas this ministry is still a powerful and effective way to share the Gospel.

One of these areas is the island nation of Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia. Indonesia contains the fourth largest population in the world and the largest Muslim population. Many of those people live in deep states of poverty. Lutheran Hour Ministries reopened a ministry center in Indonesia in 2012.

This center began using puppet ministry to reach out to children of Indonesia since April 2012. The director in Indonesia, Imelda Vera Aritonang, believes kids should be a special focus. “When they are still a child (it is) easier for them to learn Christian value” she says. The funny stories and songs featured in the puppet shows have helped bring in kids from Islamic backgrounds and other religions.

Reaching out to kids first in order to touch their families and their communities is a basic strategy of Christian evangelism – the same approach happens in the United States and other countries every day. The difference is that the ministry center in Indonesia uses puppet ministry to reach out to these kids while centers around the world rely on other diverse strategies to share the love of Christ.

This type of strategic ministry is what allows Lutheran Hour Ministries to be effective in reaching out to millions of hurting and unreached souls every year. We believe in connecting with people where they are and intervening into their daily lives. When donors support this ministry, they should know that Lutheran Hour Ministries does not take the easiest road available – we take the road that God has called us to follow.

If you are a Lutheran Hour Ministries supporter, your prayers and gifts go with us on that road. That means that when we do puppet ministry in Indonesia, online ministry in Latvia, AIDS testing in Kenya, or evangelism training in America; you are an active part of God’s mission!

Thanks, as always, for your prayers and support.