Your Gifts at Work

Doing God’s work in China

Handan Church group shot

Handan Church in Hebei Province, China, is a partner congregation of Lutheran Hour Ministries. This allows Lutheran Hour Ministries to provide support and resources like printed materials, MP3 players and the Equipping the Saints workshops.

It is evident that God is doing great things through this partnership and huge numbers of people are coming to Christ. On August 18, 2012, Handan Church welcomed 261 new believers into the body of Christ through baptism – 261 in one day!

There is no way to know how many Christians there are in China today – many congregations are not registered with the government. But it is clear that there is a hunger for the truth of Christ in China. God has positioned Lutheran Hour Ministries to be there to fill this void and bring his Good News to billions!

Your support allows this exciting work to happen in countries around the world, like China, where the Gospel has to overcome government and cultural barriers. Our God’s message will not be silenced, and you help Lutheran Hour Ministries proudly proclaim His name to the nations.

Thanks, as always, for your prayers and support.