Thrivent Choice®

Direct Your Thrivent Choice® Dollars to Lutheran Hour Ministries

Thrivent Choice has two ways you can direct charitable funds to Lutheran Hour Ministries. Through special Voting Events and Choice Dollars, eligible members can help LHM continue to share the Gospel.

Thrivent members can no longer set up a recurring direction to an organization of their choice, such as Lutheran Hour Ministries. Although the process to set up a Choice Dollars direction to Lutheran Hour Ministries has not changed, Thrivent members now have to go through this process every time Choice Dollars are available.

These changes may be a burden for some members, but Thrivent stresses that they did not make this change lightly. According to a statement by the organization, they had to make this change so that they would not deplete the program's budget and have to reduce Choice Dollars overall designation rates. In essence, these steps had to be taken to keep the program fully funded so as to ensure members can contribute as much as possible to the causes they support.

To direct your dollars to LHM, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the Thrivent Choice website.

To Find Us
When you “Search Participating Organizations”, we are listed as International Lutheran Laymen’s League/Lutheran Hour Min. You can type in the keyword “International” and then type “Saint Louis” in the city blank (be sure to spell out “Saint”) and select Missouri from the state menu.

For more information about how you can support Lutheran Hour Ministries through the Thrivent Choice program, click here.